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Soak up a little Island culture and history.

Cape Breton is home to an exceptional collection of world-class historic sites that include a handful of National Historic Sites of Canada. Visit the largest reconstructed 18th-century French town; experience a day in the life of a Cape Breton coal miner; and learn about Gaelic culture. If you love the lure of history, you will be spellbound by the bevy of cultural and historical sites on Cape Breton Island.

Alexander Graham Bell Museum

Located in the scenic village of Baddeck the museum overlooks the stunning Bras d’Or Lakes. Here you can discover how air and water captured Bell’s imagination. See how Alexander Graham Bell’s inventions made a significant impact on Canadian history.

Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site

Plan a trip to the largest reconstructed 18th-century French fortified town in North America and learn a great deal about the fortress that was demolished by the British in 1758. Relive the glory days and listen to soldiers speak of the war with the British.

Marconi National Historic Site

Guglielmo Marconi transmitted a sequence of radio waves from the Glacier Bay coastline to England, the first official wireless message to be successfully beamed across the Atlantic. Learn more about this remarkable achievement with photographs, models and artefacts.

St. Peters Canal National Historic Site

This famous Nova Scotia waterway holds a fascinating history that can be traced back to the 1630s. Known as Canada’s only national historic canal in Atlantic Canada, the St. Peters Canal is an 800m canal linking the Atlantic Ocean with the Bras d’Or Lake.

Miner’s Museum

Discover a long and rich history of coal mining in Cape Breton. In the company of a retired miner, take an underground tour at the Ocean Deeps Colliery and learn why coal was deemed king on the Island. View fascinating exhibits, and visit the period miner’s home and company store.

Highland Village Museum

The Highland Village offers each visitor a unique Gaelic experience, complete with costumed staff, farm animals, period buildings and artefacts. The 43-acre living history museum and cultural center shares the progress of Scottish life from days in the old country to the ’20’s in Nova Scotia.

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